Why online is a new offline? (Pencil and paper versus laser and screen).

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Online and offline teaching each gift edges and challenges to learning environments. With the trend towards on-line learning increasing, the looming question for the education trade is our ancient ways of teaching losing relevancy? Why rise, dress, and waste gas to drive to a physical schoolroom, once you will come to life and place your schoolroom on your room table? the selection would appear straightforward for student and teacher; but, it's more or less that straight forward.

When it comes to the design of effective learning experiences, one provocative question is worth a hundred proclamations. - Bernard Bull

Transitioning from the classroom to an internet platform is a new experience for all of us. Everyone assume that it is easier to teach online because it is convenient, time saving and saves money also.
But somewhere we are losing our traditional way of teaching as well as learning.
In academia, online classes are nothing novel. You can start learning from any age with the convenience and flexibility of the virtual environment. According to Forbes, e-learning is an expansive market that is estimated to be worth $325 billion by 2025. With the pace of technological advancements, there is no end to the possibilities and wonder at the impact those developments will have on education.
The progression of e-learning provides students and educators with terrific advantageous, but additional undesirable drawbacks.
Resulting in the conclusion that neither on-line nor offline is best than other due to the balance of pros and cons. For teacher and student, it boils down to preference and capabilities.
The following specialise in the teacher’s perspective is applicable to students. A room is started and managed from any location at any time. This offers room convenience and shortens the gap between the learner and teacher. Learning is currently additional accessible with academics having the ability to show their subject material across district, national and international lines. The student could be in India, while the teacher is the Australia.
In the on-line atmosphere, there's a dependency on the discretion of the teacher, pointers of the establishment, the course of study and syllabus. There are better opportunities to deal with student desires through multiple channels of communication with stronger assessments be it in or outside of the online platform. In this manner, academics will customize lesson plans and connect additional with their students. Tracking progress reports, recording data, and pacing are all simplified, effective and economical. While stripped of the normal schoolroom instrumentality, academics are challenged to be additional artistic and innovative so as to deliver lessons and capture student’s attention.
On the downside, all the wonderful mentioned advantages can be wiped away with network failure—no network, no classroom. Still, this is something that we are not unaccustomed to; think of when we go to higher grounds in hopes of a better signal on our phones. This is especially relevant for young learners who benefit from those social interactions, and comfort and guidance of the teacher. To top it off, if you are not technically inclined, the learning curve is quite high.
When considering what path to venture as a teacher, new or seasoned, there are varied aspects to think about. Even as you'd once teaching offline, you had to choose a subject, age range, and school. Teaching methodology, schoolroom management skills, and intrapersonal skills are still vital factors.
Now, teachers should select their platform—online or offline. As always, it’s necessary to be aware of the teaching atmosphere. Online learning is simply one among the various ways in which the education business is frequently up and increasing teaching quality that's essential to inspiring new learners.


  • Shriya Verma
    August 10, 2020 12:03:41

    Online+Offline=100% Success Great work.

  • Bhaskar kumar
    August 10, 2020 11:42:41

    Absolutely right

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